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Bobbing for Road Apples on Constitution Ave

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Lindsey Graham is one of the bad guys in the upper house, so is John McCain and many others. There are more bad guys than good guys in both houses. That's how it is in times of darkness. What is not cream rises to the top, or you might call it bobbing for road apples. Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed, I don't doubt that. Most of the men and women in high positions are being blackmailed, or they are full on into it all for their own profit.

Sandusky was not a poor man. He had/has money, so it would be easy for him to have some kind of pied a terre, some kind of place to indulge his appetites but he chose a public venue, where people can and do come and go. This can imply several possibilities. He is crazy and wanted to get caught but he's presently denying his guilt or... he had good reason to believe nothing would ever happen to him. Let's look at that one. Joe Paterno was told about Sandusky's roaming penis. The athletic director heard about it and you can imagine that out of all those boys someone must have said something more than once to someone. Then there is the curious case of the gone missing DA and the even more curious internet searches the DA was making about frying hard drives and the application of water damage and where the laptop was found.

This is a mysterious world. Some things aren't a mystery though, like blaming yesterday's Damascus bombing on the 'no seeum' Al Qaeda, instead of ZATO and British forces (most likely), with some resident CIA black baggers BYOB (bring your own bomb). This is a mysterious world and the more I think about it the more I intuit a Satanic connection to Sandusky. It just has that vibe and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some amount of congress and all upper echelon types are having regular get togethers for some Goat head soup and kiddie pate. I know this goes on, has gone on, is going on and there are some powerful characters in the shadows, who pull the strings to the tune of certain ancient rituals and processes geared to encourage compliance.

When I was researching information as a preface to writing my first novel, I went deeply into the history of famous killers over recent centuries and I should say that this isn't something you want to do if you don't have to because you might want to have the inside of your head detailed afterwards, down at the head shop, where they do it like a car shop.

Consider The Catholic Church and the ubiquitous appearance of child molestation all over. You can't help but come to the conclusion that it is endemic in the system. Why only young boys? You don't usually hear about young girls. There's a mystery there and you can figure it out if you think about it and track it back to things already under discussion.

People seem to thing that the bad guys are globally organized. This isn't the case. They are like crime mobs who do certain business with each other; nothing personal and who have their assigned turf and they go to war with each other on a regular basis. Right now there are all kinds of struggles going on between the bad guys. Part of this has been instigated by Mr. Apocalypse who is lifting skirts with his stick and something worse than Madeline Albright is hidden under all of them. The bad guys think it is the competition doing this but that's not the case; at least not some percentage of the time.

People think these goons are highly organized and collectively directed toward a common goal. That's not so, except to say that they are all up to evil in their own way and that it serves their different purposes to cooperate here and there but they very much have their eyes on each other because they can't be trusted because... because they are bad guys.

I can't know what's coming up with Iran and how that is going to shake out for the rest of us; this relentless push by the psychopaths to dominate the oil producing nations and also to kill off anyone that Israel doesn't like. Some days it seems like they're going to get theirs and some days you can't see much on any account. There are so many concerted pincher movements going on that it looks like a crustacean jamboree with a conga line.

The people in the military, the rank and file, are waking up and that is going to come around to the police forces eventually. Something ugly from subterranean depths has gotten loose there and made the men in blue bad news if you are over 80 or under 8 and, well, basically all points between. It's tazer madness and rough baton ballet. It's pepper spray just for the Hell of it. You don't have to be doing anything. Groups of police just routinely go nuts now so it must be in the manual somewhere. It happens to soldiers on the battlefield too but, for some reason, they are catching on; quicker than the police at any rate.

It really seems to me that there is something we are missing; more than one thing in all likelihood. It seems like something is coming up that is going to shake the foundations of the world and I don't know that that will be warfare. There's also something going on behind the scenes with all the people whoring and pimping for theft, murder and mayhem. It could be that the blackmail, arm-twisting and threats are massively pervasive. The efforts of those who have honed this to a fine art, start out with little corruptions. Why, you hardly notice at first and the next thing you know, you're in bed with a live boy or a dead girl and you even get a copy of the DVD. Well, we know this goes on. It's been standard trade-craft among spies for a long time, in their seeking to 'turn' each other.

I know it could be that the moneychangers and bankers got such control over the political system that only rogues and scoundrels get elected. That's a possibility. A lot of people who go into The House are one and done, if they don't make the necessary commitments. The people who have made those deals seem pretty secure in their egregious behavior. Consider Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein out on the coast. They got fraud up to their false eyelashes. They're dipped in illegal shit like a Dairy Queen cone and they're proud of it too. Okay, most of law enforcement has been corrupted and can't move against the crime lords at the top. They're only allowed to bang on the people at the bottom. The FBI turns out to be one of the top terrorist organizations going. The courts are impressive in their disregard for the fair rule of law. They were appointed for that reason. How could any sane and dedicated public official (yeah, try to find one) accept the Supreme Court conferring person-hood on corporations?

Somehow, there has to be more to all of this that I'm not seeing but the truth could be that corruption is so total and widespread now that that is just the way it is. I think about this a lot. I look at a guy like Eric Holder, who can't bring himself to go after a single person on Wall Street but who can sell automatic weapons to the cartels. Here and there you hear about DA's low on the radar who are making moves against the criminals but given the scope of the thing it looks like trying to bail out one of the Great Lakes with a teacup.

The corporations have really gone insane with the laws they initiate for their own profit, so that you can't grow your own food anymore, you can't store seeds. . You can't stockpile food and a host of crazy assed nonsense such as what certain Mormons ran into the other day. None of this is happening in Europe and there is no sense of police presence like you got in the US. The financial house of cards is trembling but generally, for the moment, you are surrounded by disciplined and intelligent people.

I'm wondering about setting off to near the hornets nest. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't be going but too many plans are laid and too many people are going to too much trouble for me to bail. I got some news about trends, transits and projections in the last days so, I have to wonder. Apparently it's all in my hands and if I keep myself together, things will stay together; pretty much how it is anywhere I guess... “but I just don't know”

I'll be on the radio today for a couple of hours with noted astrologer Robert Phoenix. That will be at 10:00AM Pacific Time. Hmmm, now it says 7:00PM. Ah, that's my time in about 50 minutes As usual the host is saying too many nice things about me at the site so just go ahead and ignore that if you can (grin).

Here's the radio show with Robert Phoenix from last night, now edited to remove all the moments of difficulty.

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